Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are!

Okay, so today? I've got nothin'. Sorry. Yesterday and today I'm ticking my way through a long list of small, nagging things that have piled up long enough to feel like huge, anxiety-producing things. Tomorrow, calm once again, I will set aside time to write. I'm not promising much, but I am promising something, okay?

In the meantime, let's say it's your turn today. Why don't you leave me a comment that answers the following questions:

~ Who are you? Where are you? How'd you find my blog? Tell me a little about yourself!

~ I'm thinking about changing my blog description -- you know, the part that says "Essays on life as a lesbian housewife, an urban homesteader, a race traitor, a doubting Thomas, an occasional political theorist and recovering bleeding heart, and always, always, a promiscuous lover of books." How would you describe my blog? What in particular is interesting to you?

Hasta la vista babies! (Also: Go ahead, make my day.)


Anonymous said...

On the public internet, I'm Thorn and my partner and I live closer to your old college than you do. I started reading quite a while ago because you're one of Dawn's friends but didn't delurk until recently.

I like all the things you write about. We live just across the river from the urban area here, and while we're a mixed-race household we're in a white-majority area. I especially appreciate your writings on church and faith (which I think of as somewhat separate, though obviously they overlap) because we've been trying to find a faith community where this happy white atheist with a Catholic past and my black Baptist partner with her strong beliefs can both be happy. I think we would like your church a lot.

SEB said...

I'm SEB, and I live in Honolulu. I can't remember how I came across your blog - I think it was a link from another parenting blog - but I read you for many reasons, principal among which (I think) is your simultaneously deep and progressive engagement with your faith. I am Jewish, not Christian, but I struggle with the same kinds of problems - how to take the demands and tenets of my faith seriously without devolving into fundamentalism, which so often involves an abdication of personal ethical responsibility. I think of this responsibility as being pretty central to Judaism (cf. the idea that not even God can forgive you for a wrong that you did to another person), but clearly it's also important to many committed Christians such as yourself.

I'm also going to become a parent in about six months' time. So I like to read about people in long-term partnerships, raising children, building lives together over time. It's easy to start something like this. Going on is the hard part.

Thanks very much for writing.

Dr. Charrier said...

I am a mom of one, counseling psychologist working at a college counseling center in East Texas. I cannot remember how I found your blog, but I know it got instantly moved to my Google Reader. I'm a person of faith who is partnered with a doubting Thomas husband in a largely Christian community but I hail from a much more liberal place (Boulder, CO - love that place). That background as well as my professional point of view which cultivates a deep appreciation for diversity makes me appreciate your blog.

Beth A. said...

I'm a librarian, married to another librarian and mother to two small children. I'm also a member of a very liberal UCC church, and read your blog because I enjoy reading thoughtful liberal Christians, a perspective that tends to be lacking in most of the liberal blogs I read.

I actually read your first blog when it was linked to by Jo of The Leery Polyp, and revealed myself then when you asked who the person was who was visiting from Lafayette, Indiana. In a weird coincidence, we live in Philadelphia now.

Anonymous said...

I can't remember how I first found you, but it was your comments about religion and your statement of belief (I guess you could call it) that really made me come back. As someone raised Athiest who converted to Catholocism as an adult, I often struggle with what I can truly believe. Your statement really captured a lot of what I have felt but couldn't say. I really admire, too, how your Christian identification impacts the life you lead and how you interact with the world. I'd like to grow in that direction as well.

Anyway, I'm married with two young sons. I work full time and struggle as most moms do with maintaining balance between work and home and being the mom I want to be.

Thank you so much for sharing your world and thoughts. It's heartening to see a life so well-lived.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog through our connection as high school classmates. Although we attended the two most diametrically-opposed colleges in Indiana, took totally different lifepaths, and landed on the coasts as far from our roots as possible, it's astounding, enlightening, and entertaining to find our lives again intersect and we often face the same issues, concerns, and questions. You, however, are far better at sharing and voicing those thoughts, and that's why I love reading your blog.
With my great appreciation and heartfelt thanks,

Janna said...

I don't remember how I found your blog, but loved the combo of thoughtful writing about religion and somewhat unusual lifestyle (the lesbian + housewife thing). Those two are why I subscribed and I keep reading for the good writing.
So as to your description, I'm OK with it as is, it's what piqued my interest in the first place.

-aspiring suburban homesteader
-aspiring mom (i.e. trying to get pregnant)
-wife to a wonderful man
-work in a silicon valley startup by day
-not really religious, when pressed I call myself an agnostic
-appreciate thoughtful, well-written blogs by people whose opinions I respect