Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Can Always Sling Hash at 914 Highland Avenue

Bob Hammarberg says it's "sling hash," not "fry eggs." But could I have really made that up? I think it must have been both.

Another friend pointed out that google maps has a picture of my childhood home. You'll notice that the siding is wood, painted in a lovely deep green. That was not so much my childhood home. Do you know that black and gray swirly shingle siding that you only see anymore on old houses in depressed, industrial towns? It might be asbestos? (If it's not, it kind of gives that feeling anyway.) THAT's what my house was covered in when I lived there. But that porch -- my dad built that, and I'm willing to bet he planted that tree out front. I tried to zoom in close enough to see the hopscotch in the sidewalk, but it's pretty blurry.

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Beth A. said...

That's pretty close to where we used to live in Lafayette, although we were in a lower rent area near Columbian Park.