Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Round-Up of the Inaugural Prayers

I didn't see Gene Robinson's prayer, but here's a link to the text (and while you're at Peter's Cross Station, check out Shannon's two brilliant "Why Adopt" posts, here and here).  I think his prayer is quite lovely and thoughtful.

Robinson's prayer certainly set a tone that Rick Warren failed to live up to.  I thought the only memorable thing about Warren's prayer was the fact that he couldn't even manage to be inclusive  ("God the Father," in the name of Jesus, the Lord's prayer) on an occasion where it is so obviously called for.  I would have thought, given the kerfluffel over his choice in the first place, and the massive, world-wide audience, that he might have tried to be a little thoughtful? inspiring? poetic? But what do I know.  Thankfully, I suppose, his prayer will be quickly forgotten.

But not Lowery's!  I thought he stole the show.  Lift every voice and sing, indeed.  All the flourishes of a Black pastor, with just enough humor at the end to poke a little fun at himself and the seriousness of the whole thing.  I loved that not half an hour into his presidency, Lowery had President Obama chuckling.  Well done.

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