Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guest Post: Julie's Director of Music Report for the Annual Meeting at Church (in its entirety)

Reflections on a Benign Dictatorship:
A Music Director’s Sonnet of Thanksgiving

I’ve been music dictator 13 years—
How lucky am I to have all of you?
To sing and play and do those things you do
So well and to God’s glory, festive cheers!
In thanking you, I might be in arrears.
Allow a shout out, first and foremost, to
The choir, week in and out, rehearsing, who
Up front, (LOOK UP!), sing as our Christ comes near.
Hey band!  You rock the sanctuary space,
True testament to multi-age: Believe!
When soloists enrich our worship’s verve
And pianists say “yes,” it seems like grace.
For Tim’s dual keyboard skills (please, never leave):
This congregation’s thanks you all deserve.

Respectfully submitted way past the deadline,
Julie Steiner
February 7, 2010

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