Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Support Immigration Reform and Jean Montrevil

edited to add: photo by Tom Martinez

Yesterday Michael Caine, pastor of Old First Reformed UCC, was arrested at a rally for Jean Montrevil, the Haitian father of four American-born children, who was recently detained during a routine check-in. Montrevil has lived in the United States as a legal permanent resident since 1986. He is a leader in the immigration reform movement and a national spokesperson for the Child Citizen Protection Act (H.R. 182), a House proposal that would bring due process into the deportation system by allowing immigration judges to consider the best interests of American children before deporting a parent. Montrevil is purportedly being detained and threatened with deportation for a 1989 drug conviction, for which Montrevil served eleven years in prison. He has had a clean record since his release.

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briteness said...

I do not know this man,nor do I know why he has been detained. If it is in fact for a drug conviction, that is a shame. Sounds like he might also be a political prisoner of a sort, for supporting changes to deportation policy. I have no idea, of course, because I know nothing of the situation. But good luck to him and to you. He's lucky to have friends who'll stand up for him.